Why Being Lost is Part of the Journey

This is a real post. I don't want to write - I don't have a care to share this, but... I must. Why? Because if you're following along, you need to know the ups... and the downs.

There are a ton of inspirational quotes that have to do with getting lost and being found... Or finding something... or simply just picking yourself back up. Well, this isn't one of those posts. This is the post that is just being real.

I've been a bit off track these past two weeks. Really, it started when the civil disobedience began. I was watching the news frantically wondering what was going on. I followed every tweet, deleted facebook, and slept horribly. I did get over that, but I've been following the news very closely. It has continuously depressed me and has me worried about the future. I've slowly come out of that, as I know the reality: Only worry about what I can control. So, I try. But, it still weighs heavily on my mind.

So, what is in my control? I have been slow to reaching out to my network. I have had some good traction early on and have had the chance to be part of a group attempting to acquire a bank. Though, this seems like a huge task, we have the capability of doing so with one lead investor. This has given me a bit of hope of doing something really great in an industry I know a lot about. However, it is the time frame that is difficult, as I am an impatient person by nature. I want to get things done and as quickly as possible. This is currently on the table, however, and may be coming to fruition in the next couple of months.

I've vetted out two deals and both are not suitable to my taste. I didn't expect the negative emotions that come with this, but that also brought me down. The high hopes of finding a good company only to find out it wasn't what I initially thought is another downer. So, this is something to be expected. This is also why I Should have multiple deals I'm looking at a single time.

Finally, yesterday, I made contact with a small pizza restaurant that I am in love with. One of the things I have done was made a list of all of the places I absolutely love, patronize, and enjoy. The pizza place was one of them. Though it is retail, it is in the food industry, and it is going to suffer due to the changes in the economy, it is something that I can see myself get behind. I am going to have follow up conversations with the owner in the next week and see how we can put something together.

As I said, I'm not in the mood to write, but I must. This is where the difficulty lies with being an entrepreneuer. If you aren't working when you are the only one making money - you don't make money. There isn't a W2, there isn't a boss to try and motivate you... it is just you! It is okay to take a day or two to yourself, but you need to get back on the horse and get riding. This is a long road, but it will have its difficulty. Don't let outside influences get in your way.

Now... To try and get my foot back into the stirrup.

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